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My business is expanding and I am spending more time in meetings

I need a part time answering service

Our client, a self employed marketing professional, was finding as her business was developing the time she spent with clients in meetings was increasing, as a result of which the number of calls she was unable to personally answer was also increasing and - priding herself on ‘her hands on approach to business’- she identified that the business needed a ‘part time’ professional answering service.

Durham Office Services provided her with a number to which her mobile could be diverted, so now whenever she goes into a meeting or is away from the business she diverts the calls and sends an email to advise where she is and what she is doing. This gives her full control over the manner in which the calls are answered and the action to be taken once the call is complete.

Key Benefits:-

•    Versatile & professional with dedicated PA/s
•    Offers a continuity of service
•    Available when you want it - cost effective

What our client said:-

"I like to answer my mobile phone myself - it means I can be there for my clients and begin building relationships with potential clients from the start, however sometimes that's just not possible.  During a particularly busy period I realised I was in meetings or on the road more than in the office and more calls were going to voicemail than were being personally answered.

Turning to the team at Durham Office Services, I explained my situation and they advised me that it was possible to divert my published number to one of their business numbers on a ‘need to basis’ ensuring that every call was dealt with personally.

What better feedback could I have than from this client, "Janice, I was really impressed with your new staff member; she was so professional and knowledgeable about your business that she must know you really well.  Is she a member of your family?"

That sums up the ethos of Durham Office Services - I'm over the moon to welcome them to the family. It's great to know my callers are in safe hands."  

 - Janice Ross, Janice Ross Marketing Ltd

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