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The business is expanding and sometimes the phone lines are all engaged

I need an overflow answering service

Our client, a local solicitor, has a thriving office with 3 full time staff, but was concerned that during busy periods calls were being missed and clients were complaining that they were unable to get through at what were important times for them. As the busy times were not uniform in their occurrence, taking on an additional member of staff was not warranted however the importance of each call to the company meant some action was required.

Durham Office Services provided the company with an additional number to which calls could be automatically diverted when the office phones were engaged or remained unanswered after a specified number of rings. On setting up the service we discussed the anticipated call pattern to ensure a cost effective use of the service.

Key Benefits:-

  • All calls answered personally by a dedicated PA
  • Clients dealt with effectively
  • Cost effective alternative to employing staff
  • Cold Call screening
  • Professional back-up for the business

What our client said:-

'We have used an answering service in the past but found that the service offered by Durham Office Services offered a more flexible and personal approach than our previous supplier. We contacted them to discuss the alternative packages that were available and identified the one that best suited our volume of demand, the number was agreed and we were all set up within a matter of hours.

Every month our calls are reviewed and a full report provided including the unsolicited sales calls which are discounted from our monthly package. Durham Office Services offers a versatile, efficient and highly professional service which reflects the values I hold for my own company. That’s what makes us the partners that we are!'

- Mr G, Local Solicitors

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