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We are a national company looking to move to the North East

We need to create a local presence

Our client, a legal organisation from outside the Durham area was looking to expand and establish a presence in the North East and as a ‘new venture’ they needed to develop a local presence and ensure that future demand would be enough to support an office on a permanent basis.

Durham Office Services provided them with a local number, a Durham address and first class facilities where they could hold client meetings. Not only this, but the service included filtering calls, transferring them to the appropriate lawyer to be dealt with efficiently and effectively providing a high level of customer service.

Key Benefits:-

  • Professional Business Image with dedicated PA/s
  • Cost effective way of obtaining a DH1 address
  • Cold call screening
  • Professional meeting space

What our client said:-

Starting a business is difficult enough without having to think about losing calls or making sure that you look professional from the outset. People expect you to have an office and to have someone on hand to take a call when you are too busy dealing with growing your business. Our firm has been able to grow from a small practice to having a national presence in an extremely short period of time. The service that we have received from Durham Office Services is second to none. Other companies offering the same solution can’t compete - on service or price.

The team at Durham office Services have played a part in helping us develop and grow. More than that, our clients feel confident in speaking to them as if they were an integral part of our company. They are always willing to go the extra mile and, more importantly, genuinely want our business to succeed.

Credit to them all. Highly recommended. 

- MD, Local Law firm

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